Happy Shivratri

Hurrai, Shivratri is here.. lets have some booze and some weed.. and get lost in the bliss of bhole.. BAM BAM.. right!! true.. agreed!! but there is nothing in booze and weed to give u the bliss of bhole.. if you don’t realize the worth of the night and its true meaning the whole thing is a wasteful exercise..

Shiv.. Bholenath.. Neelkanth.. the blue throat god who has the poison of entire world in his throat, this night is the night to connect to your throat chakra which gets blocked by lies.. lies that we say not only to others but also to ourselves, lies like ‘i am fine and do not have a problem’ that needs working, or ‘tomorrow i will manage whatever i have not managed till now’. running from the truth blocks your throat chakra which is blue colored chakra that vibrates to truth..

So how do you open it is the right question for this night? there are stimulants for throat chakra- fruits, juices and the element is ether, certain substances(banned) if taken in mild quantities open this chakra and have a positive affect on it but that is a path that can lead to addiction as most people don’t and cannot draw their limits.. they go into non restraint indulgence that leads to addiction in the long run.. Most helpful way to open this chakra is through talking.. Not just any talks but about the truths that you are uncomfortable with.. and it is right to do so in the company that can lead those truths to a positive direction so you don’t end up feeling worse.. some company which tells you its ok man, let it out, forgive and forget, tomorrow you start fresh- there is a solution!!! and not a company that starts dissecting, analysing and criticizing and leads you feeling more lost.. This night is excellent for meditation on the throat chakra which vibrates to the mantra “HAM”. It is excellent for thyroid affected people.

The throat chakra is the chakra for expression, we all long to express ourselves in whichever form, so drink up and talk your heart out- better if with limited company with whom you are comfortable to share your life, its ups and downs.. it is excellent to write a dairy about yourself, where you are going, what emotions pour over you in the day and why do they, it is better to be truthful and honest, you may feel that you will get lost and feel more depressed but then always remember- the exercise is to find a solution and unless you accept the problem, there is no solution that will come looking for you- you should tell yourself when feeling down or lost that the solution exists to my problems, or its just a phase and i will get over it. It is essential to keep tract that you don’t end up down the spiral but better than ever, so while discussing a problem, have the right company and friends who love you, who care and with their care they will accept all you say without judging you. who can lead you to a positive way forward from your deadlocks.

But most important it is to realize that unless you face the truths you run from, no solution exists outside, you are sharing stuff for yourself and to get it out.. solution will come with time.. with patience.. as you keep pondering using right paths and right ways forward.. now what are the right paths and right ways forward- that you have to find out.. the best answer we always know but we deny saying different lies to ourselves- like “being so idealist is not possible in the world of today”, “who cares what i do, i do not and god does not”.. we keep running from the truth and invite more problems and diseases, never seeking the truth and the answers.. the best answers to our problem comes out when we ask the right questions..”why am i doing this- am i hurt? “, till when will i do this or keep living like this? what is the way forward? what solution will an ideal person take in such a situation? what will it take to see it through?? it will be very uncomfortable initially but in the long run i assure you, you will be finding yourself in a better position.

The journey for truth for you may start tonite, remember that its not an easy journey but it sure will give you a rewards in the long run for it promises one thing for sure- tomorrow you grow one more day as a person, as a human, you grow one step closer to your ultimate reality- your highest self which is waiting for you anxiously and wondering when will you take the first step… take the first step towards truth.. find your own truth.. open your throat chakra.. Om namah Shivaye.. Om namah Shivaye.. BAM BAM..


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