Open your heart

Let us start this article with the question that why does this happen to me only? As we often wonder this same question again and again and destroy our life state.. the problem is we never seek the answer to this question truly and that is where problem begins.. and it keeps getting bigger and bigger..

Everything that comes in our life is attracted by us somewhere on a deep level in order for you to learn something.. Something like a lesson we need to learn to move on to the higher grade.. unless you keep denying the lesson, you will never grow and be stuck there.. it is like something about acceptance and denial.. as long as we deny the lessons and our problems, they keep chasing us.. like a tail of a dog.. but when we accept it.. we get the answer.. the problem is essentially within you.. and the answer is also within..

The biggest problem is only one.. most of the time our hearts are closed to lessons.. to situations.. to people.. to everything.. we run in life with fixated ideas and plans of how everything should turn up.. how everything should happen.. and when it does not.. we are crestfallen.. Madonna song “you are frozen when your hearts not open” tells us how important it is to open ourselves to all those around us.. everybody.. every situation, every person.. Irrespective of our likes and dislikes..

Why does this happen to me?? It’s because it is your lesson.. something that the universe desires you to understand for your growth.. but how shall is overcome it?? It is something only you know.. and you can do once you understand the truth behind the situation at a deep level.. the truth that you have been running from.. the truth that you resist, something where you stumble and are uncomfortable because “where you stumble there your treasure lies” ..that truth starts with you.. its something you need to change at the most fundamental level for things to work out.. unless you change, nothing else will change.. no matter how many jobs you change.. how many relationships you try.. the truth starts from you.. the solution lies within you.. so breathe.. relax.. till you can let go of this running and open your heart.. let it flow.. let everything come inside and slowly the problem will be revealed to you and also its solution.. for they are within you.. don’t seek them outside…”what you resist will persist, but what you will truly look at disappears”.. Accept it..and it will go..


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