The Power of Listening

The are avatars and there are master avatars.. there are even different degrees of avatars.. Guru Nanak was supreme most avatar.. you can say he was god born on earth to save humanity.. so was Buddha, so was Krishna.. But why I start with Guru Nanak is that before propagating a particular philosophical doctrine like the other two, he emphasized the importance of understanding the importance of simple things that can make change us in a very big manner. Please do not consider this statement as promoting one over other, as I am a really true believer in all the three and really love them from the bottom of my heart. All three emphasized the importance of remaining grounded and what is the best way to remain grounded than to be in love, always love another as he is part of you, your own manifestation of your karma, the philosophy of Buddha that teaches supreme acceptance, love and learning to change oneself and hence learning where all change starts. Know more about law of lotus- visit

But what are we hear to discuss is something else, it is the power of listening, the power of listening that Guru nanak emphasized. He said “Suneye ishar Bhrama Ind” , “Suneye jog juganthan bhed”, “Suneye sastra simrat ved” “Nanak bhagta sada vighas , suneye dukh pap ka nas” essentially means all sins are destroyed by the power of listening..In detail the lines means ”By power of listening one becomes as mighty as Iswar, Brahma and Indra” , “By power of listening  Listening one can know all the veds and puranas”, “By the power of listening, one can know all secrets magical aspects of the world”.  In one form listening is the most powerful tool apart from forgiving and compassion for spiritual growth.. it is a fast track to enlightenment. Even the Hindu favourite most god whom all gods worship emphasizes listening over everything else.. Ganesha. Ganesha has a trunk over his mouth and big two ears wide open.. Why?? Think..

Why listening.. why not speaking? Actually in order to go really deep and understand the meaning behind all things and not live life on a superficial level but really take it where me have to.. We need hard hard FOCUS!! All focus comes when one is inside as much as outside, listening takes you more inside and speaking takes you more outside. Most of us are living at a physical realm(outside), very less of has have the capability to think deep, come up with brilliant solutions inspite of time pressed targets and have an intuition and hunch of things, these powers come by going inside- Listening. Listening also grounds you to be more humble and not talk like a chatter box in arrogance and Mr. Know it all. Listening makes you more and more humble and knowledgeable whereas speaking increases your arrogance and spreads knowledge everywhere, sometimes when it is not needed, sometimes where it is not needed, sometimes which can be used against you and sometime which ends up disconnecting you from yourself and leaving you puzzled and lost. Listening grounds you to focus more on what you are doing, what this implies, what this means, how can I use the extra information at hand to do my task better. It cuts you off from unnecessary competition for speaking more and displaying your knowledge.

You have to know something about knowledge, as all things like shakti, money, fame, it can make you and also break you. If it ends up inflating your ego and you use it for showing off or proving how you are better than others, and slowly based on knowledge you start feeling superior and judging others, it will break you. Ravana was very smart, again and again he was prompted by Rakshisas to join them but he kept saying that I don’t want anything except the lord. But atlast he fell into their trap when they-demons spoke ill of Indra, Judged Indra and started a war and slowly it increased his ego till the point he became a completely different man. Then Lord Shiva sent Ram to save him and establish dharma again. Knowledge is dangerous if it starts making you think how you are better than others. One of my leaders in SGI rightly pointed that we are not doing this practice to feel how are better than others, but to imbibe in us the heart of compassion for others. Listening is the most powerful tool in this regard to hear someone through and remain grounded that we know nothing, that we are only here to hear someone’s problem before we hurry up to prove how we overcome ours or how our wisdom and experience beats anybody. Listening teaches you supreme humility and grounding.

What knowledge the demons and devils hold so precious to them to be all knowledgeable is held by angels as garbage probably only to be used to verify love and compassion but not to be used otherwise. Listening teaches you not to hold on to any knowledge that no knowledge can ever actually say anything about happiness, about love and about the truth. Whatever you say will be incomplete because the complete picture is beyond our imagination. So next person we meet, lets smile and try to really know them by listening. Listening itself is the biggest healer, all a person sometimes need is not our knowledge or expertise by only someone to listen to.. Listening makes you humble, listening makes you knowledgeable, listening keeps you focused and on track, listening heals you as well as the person who needs healing.. Listening is that power by which all sins are destroyed .. Says the supreme avatar.. Dhan Guru Nanak..


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