The Root Chakra


“Nam myoho renge kyo”- I bow to the pure law Dharma which is the eye of all Buddhas.

Let us start our talks on chakra and healing with the most important chakra as per hindu mythology- the root chakra or Muladhara, the start point of kundalini(vital force). . Why do I say most important because if your root chakra is opened.. you are pretty much sorted for life.. how? this I will explain you..


The Root chakra stands for your right to survival.. for your being grounded in the present.. if opened you are highly aware, present in the moment, energetic, have prosperity, if close, you feel fatigued easily, you are highly stressed, you have financial problems and you have problems being in the present and mostly spend your day in your head…

This chakra is at the base of the spine, point between the legs, it represents your connection to the physical self.. the physical world.. it is the chakra of unconditional love, it vibrates to color red and represents the start point of kundalini energy.

So how do we awaken this chakra.. before getting to that.. lets first see what all makes this chakra vibrate and what makes this chakra get blocked…

What makes root chakra vibrate and open up

  • Exercise/yoga- anything that increases your blood circulation except drugs. Circulation increases your awareness of the physical body and of the physical realm
  • Red color- wearing red color- eating red fruits- red is the color of this chakra
  • Eating proteins increasing your physical strength and hence this chakra as it is a chakra of physical self
  • Feeling happy satisfied and fulfilled
  • Giving to others- not in excess but giving, triggers the subconscious response that I have enough and hence vibrates this chakra which vibrates to vibration “I have enough, I am loved, I am safe and secure”, the more you make others feel safe and secure, the more it opens and vice versa
  • This chakra best opens with vipasana- breath awareness- concentrating and being aware of your breaths grounds you in the present and stops the mind going in circles, its best to do vipasana(breath meditation) at least half hour daily

Affirmation for this chakra: I am safe and secure

Food for this chakra: Protiens

Color of this chakra: Red

Deity of this chakra: Saturn, Earth, Mars, one can even pray to hanuman or Ma(shakti), keeping mom/wife happy is good way to open this chakra and for prosperity(anyways you should)

Asanas/ exercise of this chakra: Virbhadra asana, apanvayu mudra, breathing exercises- kapal bharti, sudarshan kriya (art of living)

Mediation for this chakra: keep imagining red color at your base area between legs. Sit at a place , close your eyes and deep breathe, then go deep into the earth, imagine the first layer- soil, then small rocks, then big rocks and finally lava, stay at core of earth for some time. Feel your connection to earth- I am a part of this great mother earth

Mantra for this chakra: Lam, sit cross legged, preferably on red mat or cloth sheet, chant “LAM” and imagine a red lotus opening at base of your spine

What blocks this chakra:

  • First and most important- disrespecting your mother, not caring for her, you will never get this opened, your prosperity will be blocked, no matter what our mother does, she is the reason for our existence, disrespecting her is disrespecting the reason of your very existence and closing this chakra. If you are having lot of trouble getting along with your mother, kindly go to, download affirmations for forgiveness and read for your mother daily 9 times, also download spiritual affirmations and read the fire affirmations for your mother “my mother is a being of divine fire, she is the purity god desires”. Blessings others and seeking forgiveness will wipe out your karmic retributions and get you back on track.
  • Disrespecting your wife- your wife represents your balance and connection to ground, men have naturally upper chakras more strong and women have lower more strong- its natural, hence a wife in hindu religion also symbolizes lakshmi or prosperity.. if again having trouble getting along- same as above, don’t fight, keep no ego, resolve conflicts with love, separate people from problem and use empathy to find solution.
  • Smoking/drinking or other intoxicants- break your connection to the present- cuts the awareness of here and now and make you also physically weak and dependent, they represent the opposite to root chakra of unconditional love and acceptance- ie denial and lack of acceptance. Also everytime we spend money on a waste or useless cause, it triggers an automatic response in subconscious- money is going, I am not having enough to sustain this- hence triggering a subconscious response on “Lack” and blocking this chakra
  • Concentrating on lack and fear, anxiety of what will happen blocks this chakra- at this time its important to use self suggestion and have faith, pray and believe everything will be fine- your faith will protect you, we are not physical beings but spiritual beings on a bodily journey as told to me by a great healer- use your spiritual strength to conquer lack by means of praying and faith
  • Making anyone feel insecure or threatened- what goes around comes around- anytime a person thinks bad about us- our chakras start getting affected- its best to help everyone in best possible capacity

I hope you enjoyed my article, if you are struggling with negativities or some obstacles, its best to concentrate on this chakra and open it, quit bad habits once and for all stopping your way and go deep in power of faith and meditation, all the obstacles you are facing are within you.. for any more help please mail anytime at or call/ping at 8879762571.. God bless you all.. Nam myoho renge kyo..


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