A free spirit

When the eyes open and it’s still dark. . No one in the spaces around. . Empty spaces creates emptiness inside and you go back to sleep, back to your dream world. .

For it is the law of life, nothing great is ever achieved without sacrifice , risk and struggle but yet the heart is a weak organ, it only knows how to start beating badly in times of challenge and struggle. . Let us not start about the mind. . Let’s just say it does all it can to stop us. .

So the blues continue. . A struggle between a free spirit, his heart and mind that do not listen. . I wake up. . Get a coffee. . Sit try to check some posts and read a gosho. . Then suddenly some work or some left task hits me and all the calmness and concentration is back to zero. .

Struggling to survive, earing loads but empty and helpless inside is the story of most who graduate from a good school. . But be careful, life rolls by before you can even know, you will be sitting in the grandpa chair and wondering why I didn’t give it a try. .

Marriage, job and kids are but everyone’s dream, yet some of us feel the need to be an explorer to be a free spirit . . Some of us get suffocated so easily when told to live a lie or spend life living like a trader or a sales guy.. some of us free spirit can’t endure the torture so people call us mad. . They say what will you do. . Become a baba. . Or even better. . Go to Himalayas. .

Surely sometimes we all wonder it worth a try but our loved ones suffering comes to our mind and we continue same job, same routine and slowly suffocate and die inside. .

Whatever life brings us either pain or suffering is for our evolution. . Is what I heard. . But path of seekers and free spirits are a little higher in suffering I would admit. . When successful, these spirits are looked at with awe and amazement sometimes in disbelief, not knowing the bitter and harsh road travelled to reach a life of truth by abandoning all lies. .

Yours truely
A free spirit


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