Smoke Rises


Smoke rise and forms images

Memories, oaths, promises and more

Then it ceases, disappears

Everything is plain again just as a white board


Smoke rises showing dreams

Walking talking, those eyes telling tales

Tales of light and dark, images..

Was it but fancies in mind, fairytales


Can you be sure about these,

feeling, dreams and realms unknown…

everything is like this smoke..

here now and then not to be, cannot be known


smoke rises exposing, openingwound, regrets..

of stories, dreams unfulfilled, unrealized..

but when it wasn’t and isn’t meant to be

as smoke disappears so shall it be..


smoke rises showing those eyes

love, care, affection, truth and purity divine..

was it real or a imagination..

likethis smoke disappearing in front of my eyes..


smoke rise and disappears..

like the illusions of mind rising then clear

who we are or for what we care,

shall one day disappear like the smoke from the air


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