Forgiveness is the start of spirituality


One morning, I was in a very low life state, thinking about the wrongs I had done in life whom I could never ever confessing to a living soul and thinking on how can I ever get out of them.. Daily routine- bathe then lit an agarbatti, starting worshiping shiva.. om namah shivaye.. om namah shivaye.. suddenly out of nowhere thoughts started.. if you really wish to become whom you dream to be.. help others and spread light, you have to start by doing the most difficult thing of all- ‘To forgive yourself!’.. God believes in us all the time even when we don’t believe in ourselves! We judge others too harshly but he never does. If we are to reach him, we have to learn to forgive others as well as ourselves. If we judge others, that same judgmental critic in us judges ourselves and we are unable to forgive ourselves and condemn ourselves- action and reaction, cause and effect.

We deprive ourselves to be like our divine father.. pure unconditional love.. we must always believe in our own power, our own potential and inspire others to do the same, to reach their highest potential.. We must believe in them when they don’t even believe in themselves and tell them that they are powerful, they have huge potential.. We must strive for this nature! when someone acts out of bitterness and pain and throws things at us.. we should remember that he/she is in pain and hence giving pain.. he/she has stopped believing in themselves, in their own inherent potential, hence are acting in mean and selfish manner, We must at that time not judge them but rather do whatever it takes to heal them.. by sending our prayers, blessings or chanting for them..praying for them.. start distant healing for them if you are able to.. or by through words and love.. without this attitude we are bound to absorb pain and transmit that to others and start a chain reaction of negativity.. without this attitude, we are bound to be touched by people’s hatred. As Sensai(my Mentor Dr. Daisaku Ikeda) says “Let your love(daimoku- our prayers of love in Buddhism) touch the life of others before their pain touches your life” As Max Ehrmann Says in his prayers “Forbid that I should judge others, lest I condemn myself”.. Love others more when they act out of greed, anger and foolishness.. As that is the time they are plainly stupid and acting out of pain and they don’t know what they are doing. For if a person really knew what they are doing is wrong, why would they? As Jesus said to the father before getting crucified “Father forgive them for they dont know what they are doing”.. only with this active initiative to heal others and ourselves can we hope to enter into the New age.. The Golden Era


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