Love is like a sand..

Love is like a sand, the tighter one holds in the fist the faster it escapes..

forgive others.jpg

Our father whom everyone loves and craves, some people know it that they actually crave him in all the desires, while the others are deluded and don’t know why they desire and crave what they desire-i.e. for peace and happiness. He is the love that is free from all fears and the love who/which/it loves one and all without keeping any differences. The ones that love him, he loves them. The ones that don’t, he loves them also. But then why are the so separated and deluded.The answer to that riddle lies in great Ravana’s(Demon king) quest to get Shiva(eternal lord), the way in which he went on in circles and gained lot of power but eventually lost it! Why? Because of one simple thing he couldn’t understand. You cannot obtain or get Shiva(Love, God) you can lose yourself to him- that is all you can do. Getting is the opposite of giving and giving is what love is about. For each of us at sometime or another think, I love that person so much, why can’t I get him? Because that is simply not love, love is like a sand, you can’t get it, you can only feel it in giving, if you try to hold it in your fist, it will escape but if you let it remain in your palm(in your heart), you will feel the weight of it and it will purify you. We get hurt, we curse others, even I do that and then I wonder why I cant be happy? Because I have not given anything to be happy!! Have I prayed for those who got hurt by me, for those because of whom I got hurt? Have I given anything to get back that love I crave, so I take the first step and pray..and bless others “You are god’s divine fire, you are the purity god desires”(read at– download the spiritual affirmations and bless others with divine fire). I need to first pray for you that you learn that you are the child of god, you no longer have to be hurt,you just have to pray and feel his love, he is forever loving you, you are just closed to it.. Its time you realize how powerful you are and how much he loves you by letting him in… leaving and letting go of all hurt and giving to feel that love… giving positivity… happiness to others in these times when everyone is hurt… the times where fear is taking over and causing delusion…fighting that fear and understanding that you actually are created out of god’s divine fire… you are the purity god desires… you are his child and he is love so why don’t you love?

I was very sad and hurt and I talked with someone very special, she said, seek forgiveness from those you hurt and pray for them, the thought that came in my mind… why the hell should I? didn’t I get hurt also? But then I realized that someone has to step forth and finish of the chain reaction of negativity… That I have to take the first step If I want to be true son to the Lord by acting with love and not with negativity and fear… You know there are many mentors that want to help us, many people, god himself, but we always react with fear, because its prevalent in this age… What does she(the lady healer) want? Why do I have to listen to a priest if I am a sikh or a pandit? I feel these fears too… but Shiva says- “I have no religion… why should you?” I go to church with my friends…I ask my sister to invite me to her events(she is Buddhist), I go to temple ,see and meet Hanuman and ram, I do my sikh prayers and keep guru granth sahib ji above all in my heart… but I do let in the people who want to help me… for there is no religion… there is only one and a spiritual quest for him… let in positivity.. A Religion would never say don’t believe in other…refuse their help.. that your religion is superior… those are just fears prevalent in this age for the negativity to take over(the whole world by divide and rule- opposite to love that unites..)… Bow to every god..for he has found that one and got united in him and you could not still… love the saints of all religion for they are on a noble quest…and above all visit this website and take out only 5 minutes everyday to say affirmations to heal yourself and others through pranic healing……God bless you… “you are a being of divine fire, you are the purity god desires”


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