The Innocent Eyes

Innocent eyes torment me to grief,

Remembering their every shade and expression.

Time stops when I look at them,

Feels like looking into god’s reflection.


I would never be able to forget,

Forget that sparkle and glare..

They bore into my deepest being..

With that nasty stare..


Grief at missing them for life,

I prayed there could be another way.

I want to look into them forever.

For I have traveled but in my heart they stay.


Tell me eyes what am I seeking,

for answers you hold I know are true.

My eyes are tired and old,

all the light has gone, they can see only you.

So I wait here for your look or glance,

Come back, look at me or stare.

For I am sure In those Eyes I saw a flicker of god’s flare.


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