Who am I

Namaskar Everyone…

My name is Noorinder Singh, I believe my fundamental identity on earth is an earth healer and a light worker and in all my endeavors I wish to heal people and doing so heal the earth.

I write this piece to tell you about myself, my mission and my long journey to this place of a being where I found my sudharma i.e. my purpose.. to heal the earth..I am happily following my own life purpose and have found a sense of dignity and love that is independent of anything happening outside me.

I also wish to share with you how I reached this place of satisfaction briefly touching all practices and theories that helped me in the hope that they will help you also in your journey.

Disclaimer: Before I continue let me say this with utmost humility I am not an enlightened soul, I am simply a devotee to God who is trying his best to do his part with his limited capacity and resources. None of the cures I will give may sound kind to you but that is the truth and only way to overcome them as I am not here to be sweet to u, but to help you get outta shit(sorry for expression ;P..).

Aim: My aim is to help ease suffering for those who long for truth and beauty as I longed once and help construct a life state that is supreme and indestructible, supremely wise and focused so reaching that state, we may not overcome our problems but maybe live with them joyfully, some we may overcome which are within our hands and for those which we have the power to overcome but I assure you “with your heart’s sincerity and power of love there is no challenge too big..”

My Story: So briefly touching my story, I started having panic attacks and went into depression because of financial and emotional setbacks that me and my family went thorough when my father passed away.. I was diagnosed with chemical imbalance.. Doctors gave me certain pills to overcome this chemical imbalance but when I asked them questions like- when will the chemical be refilled- no answer.. what caused the chemical to suddenly drain out- emotional tragedy but why with only me and not others- no answers. This is when I started realizing that medical sciences only know half truths.. I soon started seeing demons or visualizations of them flying above my house at nights and that’s when I started praying morning and evening.. but every time I stopped praying and smoke or drank a little bit alcohol, these challenges surfaced.. I cannot possibly tell you how much painful a journey it was for me and my mother going from temple to temple without end but to no avail.. I finally then realized by unique ability to connect to hidden energies close and further and pick them up like an antenna, I soon realized how I am- a sensitive or an empath.

After lot of research and prayers I finally decided enough is enough and this is when I started praying mahamrityur jap of lord Shiva for 40 days, ten malas each day with the prayer “Lord help me overcome this challenge or tell me why is this happening to me and you give me a lifelong cure to these problems”…

at the end of 40 days I was guided to a accomplished healer Miss. Deepa who told me I was a shiv bhakta tantric since last three lives and this made it very clear the special connection I felt for lord shiva and also maybe the reasons for my suffering. Also I was guided to a life transforming philosophy of Buddhism that talks about karma is not something that happens to us but our response to that.. how it affects us, and unlike in other philosophies where you are doomed to die by karma, we can transform our karma creating a cure of that much potency and power directly proportional to our karma.

So putting this all together and trusting Lord Shiva above all for showing me the path, I chose to follow the direction and enter the path of Buddhism to chant a law they said pervades all phenomenon called “Nam myoho renge kyo” and creating good causes to have a forest of good effects one day…

While following this practice sincerely I have come to understand how some of us are empaths and very sensitive by nature, very spiritually curious people by nature(what they call in Buddhism as seeking spirit) and how we tend to always be in a spiritual battle against opposing forces of darkness which wish to engulf the earth. Our auras are more open to absorb energies around us even emotions and hence more prone to attacks, we also have weak grounding that allows energies to get through. Sometimes these powers are blessings yet at other times a terrible curse. In order to overcome my issues which I now believe is my lifelong battle against fundamental forces of darkness that wish to engulf the earth, I have left no stone unturned from shri bhagwat gita to Buddhist practice to learning pranic healing, taking initiations of munay ki healing, reading books on tantra and Aghora(in order to face my fears), getting rights to send entities and spirits back to light through alchemy.. I am not an accomplished healer as I do not want to get into comparison and this is not my purpose, I am still a learning. Every soul is a part of god, no one is inferior no one is superior. We are all at different stages in a journey that go to only one place- its source that is love. But now I calmly affect that my war to create a buddha land(pure lnd where everyone is happy) is a long battle against negative forces of darkness and it will not be over in one lifetime.

Over time I have encountered in last 4 to 5 years tantric and black magic practitioners of various level, I have felt very harsh energies which could have taken my life had I not been protected thanks to Buddhism, constant prayers of my mother and my own exertion in meditation and bhakti. I have come now to a state of partial clairvoyance wherein I can sometimes perceive emotions and feeling of people even at a distance for me and a place of being where I can safely protect myself. I have found my dharma and do what I love independent of world and its views. My dharma is to guide as many people as possible on way to enlightenment and save as many souls as possible by removing obstacles, negativity, heavy karmic bottlenecks etc.., I am going to use some of abilities to help you but my aim is to make you self-dependent the way SGI has helped me to become using many or one of the following ways depending on your issues. The following are some of the philosophies I follow and it will help you to know the basics of it.

  • I have profound gratitude and respect for Prana Violet Healing that helps us realize the need for self change and forgiveness as start point for all change outside to manifest. This philosophy is doing miracles in healing line by teaching forgiveness and affirmations to recognize how you being child of god and part of him, you are him.
  • SGI: I encourage people to become part of SGI, which I believe is doing foremost for humanity by raising the vibrations on earth. This society will help you transform your karma no matter how heavy it is if you believe and follow it (within the Buddhist order and not in your own whims and fancies) , it is a faith based positive life changing philosophy and not about religion, people of all religion can join it, I do not charge people for connecting them to this philosophy as number 1, it is restricted and number two, I owe SGI my life.
  • If needed, learn the importance of breath work and the wonders it can create- thanks to Integral space for the amazing shivratri after which I am developing at crazy pace with all bottlenecks opening.
  • If needed take the munay ki innitiations on healing and other rites to transform faster.

My personal message

“Whatever you are facing may seem overwhelming right now, but God will not give you challenges you cannot overcome, everything happening to you is because god wants you to overcome this by basing it on faith and help millions like you suffering-  So get up, if not for yourself but for the world”

My special message to student

“Believe whatever is unfolding is unfolding for your highest good and exert yourself in your field of endeavor like there is no tomorrow without thinking about money and rewards or what others are doing and tell me if after next 5 years you are not successful “

Lastly I want to say that please avoid smoking, drinking, porn or any such addictions, also avoid any substance abuse, even a addicted relationship is very detrimental and is actually a suffering for youth today. Learn to be focused, exercise and have good diet and lot of water, half the problems will just disappear.

Please feel free to call me in case you need a session, we will be talking, sometimes I will be listening only if that is what you need, and sometimes I will give you homework eg some meditation or technique and other times I may want you to connect to free society in your area. Please know that I do not charge for any technique or meditation or connecting you to some society. I charge for my time per hour as 500 per hour standard because sad news is whether people like it or not, Healer also have to eat and we also have expenses. If we are meeting outside home- charges will be Rs 700 per hour (inclusive me my travel and drink and food). It’s a healthy exchange of energy where we try to give more than we get but still people lack faith and are just unwilling to give. One lesson you must learn in healing is “more you give, more you get”.. “the more you take, the less you have”. No charges for calling and connecting to Buddhist society of Prana violet healing leaders. I am not here to cleanse or heal u, you can check my links for healing and cleansing you for free. I am not for that- aura cleansing or healing or giving you mantras etc, I am there to assist and guide you as a a friend, a guide a helper, healer and do whatever is necessary in that hour and after that based on your situation to take you forward at fastest pace in your life journey.

My details

Noorinder Singh

Email ID: thehealersworld279@gmail.com

Phone Number: 8879762571- available on wassup

Course: Life changing discussions, meditations and learning healing for self and others.

Course Guarantee: Within six months you will feel a positive change in your life, provided you follow the path as told and leave all negative substances and addictions behind including an abusive relationship addiction

Course for Adults:

Charge: Rs 20,000

Course Duration: 6 months

Course Details:

  • Learning basics of healing yourself and others- connecting to light workers around you
  • Learning correct ways of praying for fastest manifestations
  • Recognizing yourself as the primal cause- who are you and why things happen to you
  • Creating value for others and universe and learning to enrich yourself and others around for abundance to flow
  • Having one to one discussions on all such topics, guided meditations, reading literature and more, exploring different forms of meditation, chakra healing mantras, what is tantra and you can utilize it for benefiting other- 2 sessions per week one hour each
  • free weekly discussions on the progress on telephone, free consultation on telephone as part of package


Course for Students:

Charge: Rs 10,000

Course Duration: 6 months

  • Learn different styles of meditation for best exam results- by meditating with me
  • Have personal discussion with me as a friend to understand what challenges you are facing and seeking proper way of overcoming them
  • free consultation anytime anywhere over was-sup and phone
  • one practice meditation session with me every week to overcome issues and seek clarity
  • Counseling and consultation alongside session along with homework and training.

My Beliefs:

“strongest power there is to avoid and overcome any negativity affecting you and your life- forgiveness for yourself and for others, compassion for self and others”

“We find very easy to blame others for our circumstances but that is precisely where we are lagging to reach our personal glory”

“there is only one sin for which there is no forgiveness- to be unhappy so be happy doing what you love and wish to do regardless of how others see it as long as its not hurting others”

“how to manifest abundance: by giving, loving and creating love, unity and oneness around you”

“Love Love and Love everyone with blindfold onn to go higher and higher..”

Noorinder Singh

Credentials and Capability List:

Proud Buddhist Practitioner last three years, Teacher in Career Launcher for CAT, Entity removal expert(given rights to create portals to send entities back to light)

A pranic healer, A munay ki Innitiate, a devotee of Lord Shiva

An expert in negativity clearances, A Guide, A Helper, A Friend and a earth Healer, Diagnosed with ability to connect to Angels and as an Earth Angel by Angel Reader Expert,  Attunement and connection to Michael and working with him. A tantra expert (3 lifetimes)- only for creating positive causes on earth and in your life and life of others and for your protection.

At last a person diagnosed with Chemical Imbalance- who cleared SNAP with 92.88 percentile and completed MBA from Symbiosis International University with 4/4 pointer score in Economics

A person with motivation and belief that  youth and aware citizens can create a poverty free society where everyone is happy and loved by removing all substance addiction and rather contributing for micro micro finance to create more and more business options for the poor and disabled.




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