Learn the art of healing yourself and others- emotionally, removing negativity, obstacles and entering into a life of immense satisfaction, living at your full potential as your authentic self by finding your authentic self. The healer makes an effort to remove anything stopping your way and put you on a fast track to progress by constantly being in touch with you over phone(free of cost) and giving you one to one healing sessions as per your requirements. The healer never recommends using this holistic healing as the only medium and your stopping to use your medicines and other treatments being used, he merely is trying to guide you to your center reaching which the problems will automatically cease, however the progress in that respect is totally your individual effort after listening to the healer.

The charges below are for personal intervention and help offered and personal guidance, the healer is not charging for teaching or telling about any of the sacred arts of healing/or for religions and practices as these are and always will be free of cost. The charges are solely for healer’s personal intervention and healing and praying behind your back and doing what is necessary to get you out of the problem.

************80% money collected goes to charity*********

Basic one hour session, Cost Rs 350(at my place), 700(at your place): Listening to your problem, history, finding the root cause- your karma, crafting a plan to overcome this karma. Teaching you strong grounding techniques.. Connecting you to healing spaces.. cleansing your aura and teaching you forgiveness and blessing.. 15 minutes healing session…

Life transformation Package, 6 months, Charge Rs 5000: Every week one personal meet- 1 hours – healing plus discussions and teaching and checking your progress, aura cleaning, healing for 10-15 minutes every meeting, contant guidance over phone. Checking your progress, chakra opening one by one- teaching mediations for the same, teaching complete chakra opening – crafting a plan for opening all your blockages, identifying karmic patterns stopping you, connecting you to the positive spaces.. teaching forgiveness and blessing.. ridding all negative and bad habits.. 50% money back guarantee if no changes found in life.. Condition: No smoking/drinking or a bad habit after 1 month(1 month allowed to help you flush out these bad patterns)

Negative energies/Tantra Problems: Rs 2000(because of personal risk taken): Strict compliance needed- suggesting remedies and stones to be worn, will be told certain japs and morning night pooja/prayers as per your religion.

Disclaimer: Incase of extreme tantra or Negative energy problems, the healer will do his max to help(as its his personal mission) but does not claim any responsibility if the treatment doesn’t work out.

Other services: call to know more

visit website(in making):

Address: 709, Dayawanti Building (opposite nike showroom), 2nd wing 2nd floor, Telephone Exchange, Linkin Road, Khar West, Mumbai- 400052- Kindly call prior to fix appointment

************80% money collected goes to charity*********



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