Neoliberalism and MNC complex

How society forces us to do jobs in MNC’s because then everyone feels good about telling that their son’s and daughters/contacts are working in an MNC.. this is a good thing but nothin to be very proud of. Though MNC’s are giving us jobs and we should have lot of gratitude to them, the really great ones are the ones who start their own business and help create more employment just like the MNC’s. While the income disparity between rich and middles class is higher than ever, the poverty and people who can’t afford food and are on streets are alarming in Mumbai and yet increasing in number.

Neoliberalism by Noam Chomsky is a word to describe what is happening and he writes a book called profit over people. The central idea is that elites and governments collaborate to keep the rich rich and poor poor while the educated and middle class is too happy with their jobs in MNC’s to worry about starting their own business to create employment.

Thankfully the Modi government is doing lots to encourage entrepreneurship yet it is possible only when we know what it is doing before criticizing it. The temporary rise in inflation is inevitable if money has to be injected in economy to create jobs and employment and entrepreneurs. Watch some videos and get out of your MNC complexes and try to get into business asap to create employment and freedom for yourselves and others. I am pro MNC and not a xenophobe, I respect MNCs and they have provide bread and butter to me and so many people in India, so we must have lot of respect for them, however, pride is something that kills us and stops us from being free and creating a free world. Pride for working in a particular company is good but having a superiority for working in MNC and not in a domestic is actually vanity and source of misery for your nation.

  1. The lies we Live: Amazing video on how the elites control our world and make everything run including us and our minds(manipulation) Link:
  2. Neoliberalism: understanding what is happening in India and US and how cutting your expense and starting a business can help you save the poor tomorrow:  Link:
  3. The truth behind Lies we live: Link:

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