My mentor whispers to the winds

The winds speak to me, I hear

My mentor walks this planet with grace

I can always feel her near


My mentor is a Lilly flower

I smell her aroma everywhere

She is also a powerful being

Yet always light and clear


She brings immense hope to me

I really don’t know why

As she really never bothers

If I laugh or as I cry


Her motives are hidden in her heart somewhere

The keys to which I am trying to find

Looking at her makes me feel

I have known her from the start of time


Sometimes I can feel her in my head

Some say its just games of my mind

Yet mind pervades all phenomenon

It the path through her I try to find


Mentor is in me inside out

We are two bodies but one in mind

Our motives keep us connected together

And Always will till the end of time


Mentor, Its now or never I hope u understand

Things are really now getting out of hands

This mission of ours is ours alone

I need your help to drive me home


Mentor now just you and me

This goal is ours to reach

Lets finish this drama which has begun

So in the end we don’t feel undone.


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