21 Days self healing Program

21 days healing program

“when you want something with all your heart, the whole universe conspires to help you achieve it ” – The alchemist

“Let your prayers be in response to the desires of the universe to be healed”- a beautiful soul

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This article is written to craft a 21 days healing program designed to raise your energy to a new level and help you break through major barriers stopping your progress. In this 21 days you can master yourself and your reactions to situations by being alert of your emotions through your breaths. Why 21 days because that is how much time it takes for the new neural pathways to form a track. Those barriers stopping your progress can be one or more of the following

  • Addiction to one or more of the intoxicants
  • Someone constantly sending negative though waves or what we term in healing as negative chords to you. please read forgiveness affirmations daily at website pranavoilethealing.com , also read affirmation for light and blessing yourself and others.
  • You sending negative chords to one or more people around you- please read forgiveness affirmations daily at website pranavoilethealing.com , also read affirmation for light and blessing yourself and others.
  • Lack of grounding- can be caused by above reasons or sexual misconduct. Can be achieved by respecting parents, connecting to them daily, wearing red, eating timely and healthy, protein rich food, balanced sexual life.

Before we proceed in this article, let us always remember golden rule of healing- you and I are never in any position to judge anyone, keep any kind of grudge or negative feeling, we are the only ones that suffer as a first direct result of that. Negative feelings drain energy, love and positive feelings provide energy. Having said that if you feel any situation is negative for your healing process and you are not able to avoid it, try to lessen that situation or interaction as much as possible and in however time you can spare- read individual forgiveness affirmation for that individual on www.pranavoilethealing.com- affirmations. There is a stage we all can reach that repels any negativity and fills all around us with love and bliss and that is a path only of self-consciousness, of joy and love and building relationships through dialogues and not of other-consciousness or destroying yours and others life state instead making everyone feel empowered joyful and clear on their track and mission.

During this period it is best to

  • Do not smoke or drink for continuous 21 days and use anti-smoking gums if necessary
  • Drink as much water as possible
  • When faced with controversy or negative situation- go alone after the event and do self-affirmation “I am a being of divine fire, I am the purity god desires” and visualize divine orange fire engulf you and remove any negativity from your being
  • Instead of the above you can also sit somewhere alone in apanvayu mudra and concentrate on breathing- breathing connects you to yourself and reminds you all power is only over oneself and if you have that power, no one can disturb you, witness all emotions- anger, hurt, for ten breaths and then slowly as these emotions leave, fill the void with love by saying “Om shanti, I am a peaceful soul, I am a powerful soul”
  • Get up every morning and spare only half hour for either pranayama or exercise and both of these open your root chakra and which once opened, you feel more healthy and fresh and in the present moment, fully awake and looking like a fresh dew droplet
  • Before sleeping- write journal for 5 minutes and 15 minutes breath observation- counting five seconds breath going in and 3 seconds hold, five seconds going out- this will elevate your energy to absorb shocks and increase your endurance

Healing is the path of remaining constantly in touch with yourself and being self-consciousness. Always remaining aware of each and every emotion coming in your mind and reminding that healing is a battle between worry and faith. Between what you have no control over- result and between what you can do at this instant. The journal helps you keep track of what are the internal and external barriers you are facing in the path of self-consciousness- please count number of cigarettes and drinking and other demeaning or self-destructive tendencies during this period in the journal and maintain it for 21 days to see your progress. Please start the day with 5 minutes breath watching meditation to recover the lost chain of thought and recollect your dream. Then maintain checks on exercise/pranayama and diet and food habits during this period and also how many times you thought negative in the day. What all emotions you faced and how it made you react. Did you act positively or reacted just out of instinct. If the situation were to repeat, how all could you tackle it. Also write possibly who all you are facing conflict with and for what reasons and how could this conflict end. You are always allowed to move out of a situation if you think the time is right and there is nothing left in relationship or situation to teach you but will only take you downward as long as you have a clear track ahead and you are sure that is what you want. Always take decisions from place of love and dreams in your heart and not out of fears or escapism. You have to power to envision your highest dream and make it a reality and as long as your intentions are true, trust that the universe will help you. In journal be utmost true to yourself about your dreams and what you wana achieve and how can you do that. If possible imagine these dreams during meditation 15 minutes in morning and evening and tell yourself I can achieve it.

ideal day

  • no intoxicants
  • morning evening 15 mins breath counting meditation
  • constant self vigallence and faster control over negative
  • less worry more work
  • exercise
  • timely diet
  • 3 to 4 bottles of water
  • doing an activity that gives you joy for atleast 1/2 an hour
  • writing journal with above points mentioned points

I wish you all the best in this 21 days healing program. For more on healing articles and videos, please keep watch over the space www.thehealersworld.wordpress.com

Kindly also refer to healing links having relevant stuff that can help you during this period , including short 10 minute videos if played morning and evening, clears your aura and provides you protection during day and at night. All the best. Om shanti.


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