Experience with Alchemy and Exorcism

And at the end of it, I sent a particularly nasty one(demonic) to the light with ease saying to it the words I couldn’t believe “I love u entity”…

Today I had an experience I will remember for lifetime. I do believe some of us are born with strange gifts like empathy and a way to intuitive know the truth, hear people talk at a distance about us, partial clairvoyant abilities but today was none of that, it was hardcore alchemy and exorcism that I am not gonna forget my llife time. I was having an argument of with my friend of going to this workshop, workshop by some guy on removing entities as I had told my friend that I had entity problem at whichever place I enter as they don’t like me, especially the nasty ones which are there for destruction, whether put specifically there or they are just doing their so called task on earth- destruction. I was telling my friend that I am chanting for their Buddha nature and to settle all accounts for once and it is working and that I don’t feel a need to go their spending money and whole day as I am myself adapt at clearances, have my wand etc.., but truth inside me knew I was lying, I have trouble with the super nasty once, they just won’t go and stop harassing me, if they go they return again at night. And I knew somewhere deep in my heart this is getting beyond my level of control, I do need some trained help.. my friend suggested maybe this is an answer to my nights of chanting.. after lot of argument and lot of her threats.. I agreed…

So this guy, frenchman Richard greeted us to take the class, did not let us sit as standing as per him raised vibrations, I wondered if he just wants us attentive and spine erect. Now we started exercises in which we hit our different parts of the body as if to wake it up.. Then he told us to write our names and dob on a piece of paper.. he started checking our energies by swinging a pendulum on a piece of paper and all this time I was thinking “is he faking it, I am spending 4k, I should have chanted more, that’s all, what’s this stupidity”.. So most of the people had their energies around 3 to 4, with Vatsal reaching to 5 on scale of -7 to plus 7, and mind you many were trained therapists there, I was the only one who had 5.5 and then he looked up at me and asked “Are you therapists”, I said “no, ya, I practice healing arts a bit.. “ Without telling him I was wearing a ten mukhi charged rudhraksha of Narayana under my Tshirt..  Without giving him the details of how I enter into zones of destruction and annihilation and try to reverse it through self-punishment by taking it upon me and  through tears for children who disbelieve in me throughout and play me, think me stupid.. and anything that can hurt them or can be used as leverage against them even me, is simply too much for me to absorb and I do the necessary..

So we started with him sharing this elixir in a bottle, a small glass bottle to be worn around the neck.. and then he prayed something in French which he said that was his prayer to god asking permission to give us the right to clear entities.. when he was doing so I closed my eyes and felt like a bright sun in the middle of the ceiling.. then he started holding our hands one after another and doing some prayer to pass on the right..

Next what started was very Interesting.. he told us to take the amulets containing the elixir out of our necks and hold them 10 cm away from the bottle by the thread..  he took the elixir in this way around our aura and as it was tied to a string so whenever he found an entity, the bottle was supposed to move and create a vortex.. like a pendulum and then slowly a circle.. which as per him is creating a vortex to heaven and help the energy to go to the light .. this time I raised my question “what if some energy is not there because it cannot go, i.e. not because of its low vibrational state but because It is sent on earth or called for the purpose to destroy life” .. he said then we have to keep repeating the affirmation he gave us  that we love the entity and that it should go to light for the safe of its reincarnation .. he said when we encountered this kind of an entity we need to create a strong vortex and keep helping other people till the time our vibrational energy are stronger and it leaves.. he had to try again and again till it leaves.. it made sense to me especially the part of helping others..

So he now started checking entities on everyone.. So number of entities in everyone was usually above 5, mine were only three.. and the nastiest one near crown chakra sending negative or depressive signals through third eye and draining my energy, mind you even with rudraksha on because this was a special entity, the one I had just asked him about, very special entity which had come as my best friend to give me years of suffering to reveal my true self,I had felt its energies like the right hand of negative fighting the right hand of positive, two sides of the same coin..

So now we started clearing entity of each other, I requested Richards help as he was able to clear most entities with utmost ease.. he cleared two easily without any trouble but couldn’t clear the last one over my head- I had seen this coming, he said it will eventually go as I heal. So I came to my own way of healing myself, I started healing the person next to me who was creating most noise and always talking of vodoo, black magic and disturbing the class and others.. I started clearing some light entities and some even nasty ones with utmost ease.. As she was complaining so much I just told her my way of coping with it was “just try to focus on helping others to raise our energies..” I told her I will connect her to Buddhism and she has to start chanting for buddhanature of all beings bodily and spirits who are sad around her and when they will be happy and at peace we will be at peace as this is our karma, a karma imbalance.. I said this chant is working wonders for me to pray for settling all accounts and heal all entities.. I cleared all entities I could find in her, and then I started with Vatsal, Vatsal and I have been friends since long since I took the munay ki seeds of healers rights, daykeepers, wisdom keeps and bands of power.. and there was a very strong negative entity (negative on scales- otherwise there is no negative- there is only energy and its forms) on his throat like trying to choke him .. I had to ask help of angels here and created a particularly strong vortex going to heaven this time by repeating the following affirmation again and again

“entity, I love u..

With the help of god I ask you to ascend immediately and definitely towards the light..

In order to prepare your future reincarnation on earth

Thank you my god, I love you”

I had to repeat it thrice for it to go.. And at the end of it, I sent a particularly nasty one(demonic) to the light with ease saying to it the words I couldn’t believe “I love u entity”…

At last we checked again the energies of everyone and when my turn came, I thought my energies would have decreased as I was always helping others and not working on myself like others were doing.. He said to me “6.8” on scale of -7 to 7 and there was only one therapist with same energy level and she was expert is Access consciousness, a very strong form of getting to reveal all your conscious and unconscious thought and heal and my friend who had asked me to come here, she was also expert in this with me and her discussing healing day and night now.. he checked number of entities on me.. zero.. I smiled, I knew he(the strong nasty one) was near here there somewhere entering someone’s mind, causing her to doubt, causing him to think negative bout me and the war with these kind of entities had actually just begun…

Richard said since your energies are so high you can take on full exorcism as these entities are below -6 usually.. I smiled more.. and said to him “thank you” with wickedness spreading all parts of my being, for not having been able to live last 4 years normally and feelings of revenge taking over.. then I said no, they are lost, they don’t know what they are doing and where they are going and he(the master of them- don’t say the name) is manipulating them all, the puppet master..

This was like a dream come true with my clairvoyance increased, sensitivity increased, I could actually remove entities with utmost ease.. Now my worry was only this as I was going back home, what to do stick to my original plan of how to cross 1 lakh per month with partime tuitions and freelancing or actually start with entity clearing and exorcism for the sake of those countless suffering from black magic and vodoo and help clear earth and raise the energies on earth to bring about the golden age… speeden the process.. I was feeling invincible with Buddhism and alchemy and the ten mukhi in my neck.. but I just reminded myself, let’s examine the class schedule of career launcher, then start taking classes.. things with slowly come to me as they are coming when you have positive intention not to hurt people but to love and help everyone who comes your way.. as god is always watching.. he is within you.. he is you.. he reads those things in your mind when you sleep at night that makes you the person you are .. and helps you with them.. your dreams.. the golden dreams.. the world without greed and without poverty.. the world without ego and with love.. and the world where no one will doubt but everyone will have faith.. Thank you my god.. Entities body and without… I love you truly… tear.. and I wont stop.. god wont stop.. bodhisattvas wont stop.. healers wont stop… till everyone on earth finds their way home..


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