Love is hidden behind a world called sacrifice.. so is Laxmi

The home that I grew up, we always saw mom very much into daily chores, not demanding anything from dad and dad always into working, earning money for us guys and we guys were always taught to believe that love is hidden in the line “Nanak das sada kurbani” the statement literally means that Nanak who is a servant of lord says path to realizing the lord is always through self-sacrifice. But I started questioning this saying thinking “where is the fun in living when I am sacrificing like nut all the time and not having space to live..” Last one month has literally made me understand the meaning of this phrase.. when I have ran helter skelter for doing by Buddhist activities, struggling between tasks at hand and still carried them out by always thinking on stretching the last mile for the most important campaign.. when we learn to sacrifice ourselves for something more important than us.. we learn to live every minute of our lives here and now.. that is the ultimate truth… we learn to be happy.. we shift to a place of happiness and dignity deep within that is not upset even if my husband doesn’t say he loves me as I feel his emotions, I know he does, there is no expectation and that’s when we become more lovable as a person.. when we stretch and sacrifice for others beside ourselves, we learn to polish our character.. we learn to get rid of the evil of expectation within.. we learn to appreciate everything, everyone just as things are and just as they are.. why? Because as we learn to sacrifice ourselves we learn to let go of the evil inside.. I.. and all fears associated with it that keeps me poor..

Richness is the quality of a person and I wonder sometimes when will I get rich.. then a voice says inside maybe sometime very soon as I am learning rich is not that person who ran behind money and got it.. but that person who ran behind creating a leap in value delivered to society and become a medium for that and in return got awarded richness in spirit manifested in weath.. that’s why laxmi is a goddess and she doesn’t come into your life till narayana is in your heart.. till you learn to stand for something besides material gains.. till you really do something for helping others and not just because you want to get paid.. Like its written in rich dad poor dad.. Poor and medium class work for money.. but I don’t agree to the next statement “ the rich makes money work for them”.. I say “the rich work for love and to create inspirational work and expression and nothing else and in return become rich”.. they don’t care who gets the reward of their good deeds, they don’t care who is benefitting as long as society is benefitting.. they don’t care bout themselves at all and in that love for expression, for creating value.. they lose their I.. they sacrifice their I, their longing to be rewarded, that longing that makes them want money and hence keeps them poor and when they learn to sacrifice their I, they step out of poverty.. it is a change in their energy manifested in environment…

Nanak said they word Seva.. truly selfless service.. nomatter if someone appreciates you of not, you should give you best.. Nanak was really a param avatar.. So I believe.. All the things he said hit tens on tens.. very scientific and very similar to buddhism.. and here we are implementing it in Buddhism.. seva.. chanting for others.. inviting others and running behind them to transform their lives.. not our lives.. and in return we are losing.. our I.. the part that keeps us longing and poor.. Similarly one night I was remembering Narayan and thinking how Narayana would have longed for laxmi.. but then I thought no.. he would have been smarter.. he must have realized her deep within himself, in his heart and sacrificed.. saying do what you think best as you shall be in my heart.. I don’t wana get in the chase of longing for you as you are deep inside me.. for longing you is killing even with or without you infront of me but knowing you as part of me.. the part of me that manifests when I lose greed and enter into love with you.. is beneficial for me and humanity as the dicy circle will go round and round till infinity as one of god’s play if I start wanting you.. I will keep wanting you and never reach you.. I must start worshipping you.. I must start witnessing you and loving you without greed.. with a sense of sacrifice and surrender to give you the final choice.. Only then came a time when narayana was devoid of all desires and slightest evil within him.. manifested laxmi in all its glory and beauty and said to him “hey handsome, open your eyes…” but he was so deep in meditation and running the mala and selflessly serving humanity by his constant anchor to enlightenment, he  didn’t open the eyes and so laxmi went from house to house where narayana was worshipped.. thinking in the eyes of his worshippers and hearts without greed, she will see her beloved..


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