Codes to crack any woman of your choice..

Guys have you ever wondered what are codes in cracking any woman’s mind.. There are set codes of conduct if you follow which can make any woman fall in love with you.. Try them and tell me.. I don’t use them coz I am too bored, I want only miss genuine and she don’t exist at least in this world or I am not lucky enough..

Guys this article is for all the guys which don’t seem to get a gal in spite of them being genuine and being caring and all. In spite of being not interested in sex. I know how much it hurts when a girl of your dreams goes with another man. Leaves you in spite of you doing all the right things. If it hurts you must only change yourself before you end up getting hurt again. So this article is written to make sure you get the girl of your dreams and not only that, you learn to control your emotions as one day she leaves you for another more powerful or interesting man than you.

The bitter truth is woman love money, they love power, they love sly men, they love Mr. Grey. Genuine is good but remember it just doesn’t sell. Here are the rules to get them into anything but one rule above all, always remember- “they don’t have substance, they are not to be trusted, they will leave you the moment you open your heart, don’t become emotionally attached!!“ First understand what kind of woman is she.. if she is the one or rare types- 1% or less who are genuine and have substance, then don’t try the following, it won’t work.. then u cant do anything except being genuine, you can’t even pretend genuine as she will see through you, for the rest, following rules will work wonders- tried and tested, if one of them is broken, the whole castle will fall down.. don’t break the rules.. the rules have been made through a lot of trial and errors.. some successes and failure and a result of deep empathy and sensitivity of woman basic nature- emotional fools who want to be always thrilled, who can’t live without it.. Exploit it..

1) Have Attitude: Have attitude like hell, like you don’t care balls about anyone, like you are the king of the jungle who doesn’t fear no one and doesn’t care for no one.. except her.. she is the only one who can tame you.. that too once in a while.. don’t give her all power over you or she will leave you.. women don’t like puppies.. they like lions.. hot and angry.. Attitude is like I may be a popper but atleast I eat my  own bread, not borrowed on loan.. Attitude is like.. I will win no matter what because I know I am the best or made out of winning stuff..


2) Be Sly: Be secretive in all your endeavors.. Keep her guessing.. Have you heard the phrase “curiosity kills the fox”.. its true especially for women.. always tell something but not fully so she keeps wondering what he is hiding and is continuously into you.. thinking about you.. this is a golden rule which must not be broken till she is bed.. then you may.. keep still some parts of life private.. its advisable.. as soon as she knows all about you.. you are same old same old.. nothing new, nothing hidden.. Nothing mysterious .. you have to keep a woman guessing and alive.. Construct a hidden personality even if you don’t have one.. if you are like me, already one half is different.. its better.. but never reveal that to her fully.. keep her always guessing and thinking bout you.. otherwise before you know you will find her gone.. serious warning


3) Make sure she feels you love her:


Be very verdont hesitate.jpgy passionate in your feelings for her.. If you are not then pretend it, women don’t like men who are vocal and too lovey doovey about their feeling.. they like the ones who express them indirectly.. express them through hints.. but make sure she knows you love her.. only her.. but don’t express it too much or too less.. just the right level.. She should know at all times you love her crazily and rest is forgiven and that will eventually pull her into you.. but make sure you are not all the time life “I love you, I wanna marry you”, women don’t like marriage types.. be like “I wish I could marry you but you will enjoy your time with me” “be with me, you will love it “.. don’t ever talk of marriage or ever after ever.. woman hate boring men.. Just love is enough for everything, even bed.. that’s the theme line..


4) Be flirty, make her jealous: be a very flirty person, like you just cant control yourself, like you are a desperate dick.. make sure she knows she love you all the time but there is something that is keeping you away from her as you don’t want her getting hurt.. she will be after you like a hungry cat.. But at same time flirt with other woman, show your capacity to woo woman and you will trigger the most powerful central emotion that governs women and that is jealousy.. If you can get her friends to like you or love you.. she will do anything to beat them to you.. as she always thinks her friends are bitches and they will eat you and you need to be saved.. look her in the eyes and say “you are beyond saving” she will run more after you..



5) Be adventurous: Be very outgoing and adventurous, don’t be all indoor.. let her know through facebook your outdoor activities, no need to ping and keep her informed always.. don’t become boring at any time..dont be like you need her approvals… not that she has said yes to her, and anyways you didnt propose her did you?? do daring things.. anything that shows you have guts that other men don’t.. She will love you as from her perspective you are very different and you only have balls.. actually only you and I know you are doing silly or stupid things.. but she finds them very interesting and feels they take guts..


6) Be vocal about sex: Be very proud of your sexuality.. not like I like fucking but like “I am not shy of my sexual feeling”.. Be like not a over horny dick but be like “Everyone needs to express their love” .. women love men who can express their sexuality.. who are not shy and timid about it, they feel they are real men who can give them hard and can satisfy them..  make sure she knows that you are on hunt for a sexual partner not because you are over horny but because you love her and can’t stand distance between you too..hence you need the affection..  but at same time you cant be with her as you don’t wanna hurt her.. like you care about her deeply.. too much to hurt her.. too much to be with her.. understand woman psychology.. if she thinks you are fucking around coz u are dick.. its not forgiven, but if you are fucking around because you love her too much to fuck her.. its forgiven.. she may start thinking sexually about u too.. slowly with time..



7) Be strong and muscular: if you look like this ugly ass guy, its forgiven.. but if you cant have your tummy inside and even if you look good, you are a no no… Please please please do some exercise and maintain a personality.. looks don’t attact woman, a strong commanding full in control sort of personality does.. always be strong if not physically then emotionally..don’t ever show physical or emotional weakness… no no no.. except only for her.. that too in a very subtle manner.. not too vocal about it.. tell her that you are my only weakness.. she will love it.. tell her that too often, she will find you boring.. remember women like games.. play with her.. keep her sometimes up, sometimes down, don’t be predictable..


8) Never be weak and emotional: Remember woman want to marry gods, don’t be human, don’t show your weakness, they are not your friend, they are stupid and fools. They will only date men who are super strong and will kick you in your ass as soon as they find a stronger men. Please never be emotional and handle your emotions yourself and only with your every trusted friend.. show to her always you are fully in control of your emotions.. remember infront of her you are in full control of your life, you have no emotional weakness.. you are a very strong person, full of control of your emotions and your life.. they moment she gets to know you are a little bit weak.. you will be kicked on the behind..



9) Never be attached: Never ever get attached unless you know for sure that the one infront of you is the true genuine woman you wanna marry.. 1% type.. for whom the above rules wont work.. for the rest if you are getting attached, you are digging your grave.. they are unreliable, cheating is their basic nature.. they will leave you moment they come across someone more strong and powerful.. never ever ever get attached.. if you are getting attached.. please quit before you end up falling in love and destroying your life for a wrong woman.. the right woman does’nt need above tricks.. if it is working means she is not the one whom you should be attached for.. please always go out with caution in the winds.. detach before getting into love again.. it hurts.. don’t ever ever get into love..

Happy hunting.. the rules work.. tried and tested.. but like I said.. being genuine doesn’t sell.. as long as you stick to the rules you can get anyone but before going out please ask yourself.. do you really want anyone.. who can’t be trusted, you is quick to judge you, who is least reliable, who will cheat you behind your back.. remember basic nature can’t be changed.. Choice is yours.. all the best.. Happy hunting..



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  1. No no no no, please. Don’t stop being a good guy. A girl that will appreciate you will come around. Sometimes people have to be with an asshole or a bitch to value good people. It happened to me (not that I chased assholes). I was with a guy who I thought was nice and ended up being completely emotionally and psychologically abusing. Once I managed to leave, I healed and entered into a relationship with someone who is genuine. I cry sometimes because I’m thankful I met someone kind. The world is filled with beautiful souls. Someone will come and change your mind.


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