Fighting Cancer and Depression Plaguing the Earth

We all know cancer, how it starts and how slowly it spreads, it starts with one infected cell which thinks that it has power to control and dominate others and slowly starts affecting others, growing and spreading.. slowly all get infected.. that is what is happening to the world these days, no control of what inputs we are taking from so many sources, we don’t know how but we have become infected with narcissism.. Yes narcissism is that cancer in the world of information overload… Narcissism- the feeling of self-absorption and superiority that starts with one cell feeling less small than others and then it wants to prove it is superior and starts spreading to other cells.. Suddenly the whole environment is polluted with negative emotions and feelings of controlling, dominating others..

Now my point is why did the cell feel small and less powerful in the first place.. Because it never asked itself what it seeks in the first place.. it kept seeing things happening in panic, working in overload without taking out time to understand who that cell is, what it wants and then step by step decide how to proceed. Maybe the cell was always too much in rush always to get things.. job, car, marriage, smokes, whiskey, good sex, kids and ultimately depression too just as others.. We are living in a society of information overload, yesterday I was putting an advertisement on OLA, I came across a nasty sex animation clip on the site as an advertisement. what inputs are my sensing receiving I asked myself, that ‘we do not care about emotions’, ‘sex has become a basic instrument of pleasure and nothing more’ and what am I taking back in my subconscious as my karma (karma is your thought, word and action) is –“ the world is a darker place that don’t care about human values and emotions..” hence I am being one of those making this world a darker place indeed- my thought is itself always manifesting reality moreover I am losing faith in human values and morals and ultimately in humans. I am becoming infested and maybe someday I will come across such an advertisement, I will click on it as I become more and more infested.

Now is the point to stop this transfer of energies and darkness for once and all through checking with inputs we are receiving from all directions and not getting over loaded.. Sitting with ourselves daily and asking ourselves daily – “What do we like doing apart from advising others??”, ways will open up if we first have the courage to ask this question. The cell never asked it, it simply kept working as per directions of others and one day was fed up and decided to take up the gun as it didn’t know when it got turned bitter, nasty and narcissist. . Actually that was ignorance of it to understand its need for love, for recognition and expression and for doing what it loves.. There was only one problem, it never had the guts to ask itself- what do I like doing? It kept rolling on as per the instructions of the family or friends and one day found life is not worth living. Whose fault? Cell or the society and family and friends? Always keen to advice and help? but shouldn’t it have put considerable distance and said.. “thank u but wait..” so actually when we deny responsibility over our own lives, others assume it and we can’t help but blame others but actually it’s our own fault..

In our rush to have things that we can count on our finger.. money, relationship , car, property, we are leaving ourselves much behind.. but point is money is important too, off course it is, but who said it only comes by rushing or doing things that others are doing.. Great businessmen are innovators, have huge positivity in them and full of energy, they are leaders and many of them spent good quality time alone not sleeping or brooding but reading, writing, meditating and making plans.. There is one golden rule of management – “if you are failing to plan, you are planning to fail”.. But how can you plan, you have no time for the most important person in your life- you!!

But another problem.. Even if all said and done.. We do not have confidence to move ahead as we are victims of two things.. our own narrow definition of ourselves reinforced by views of society and our family and secondly.. victims of memories of past that keep and sad and going round and round in circles.. Now I will tell you how to move beyond these two as I am learning through experience.. first way is meditate to lose the self.. notion of the self.. and also distance yourself from influence of others to healthy limit.. Any society that teaches you to meditate is worth joining but any society not encouraging you to do ample meditation yourself first to change your life and making you a medium to achieve its ends of more and more membership, must be treated with caution.. You must learn to balance in short.. You must learn to not again become the cell under overload.. But first meditating sufficiently to figure out your own shit. Secondly I would say power of forgiveness for self, your past and gratitude in why things happen the way they do go a long way in overcoming the hard past. Healers tend to take the negative emotions of people and places they visit, it is important for them to learn to let them go by ample forgiveness and gratitude affirmations and prayers.. I find doing the forgiveness affirmation for any person I meet who could be having one or more negative emotions as very relief giving.. a society of healers of Prana violet healing have created these affirmations at link:

I think these affirmations along with the Buddhist chanting are actually a great great blessing to humanity fighting cancer and depression in the world of information and advice overload.. I also try to do an hour of chanting daily available at the video below to get rid of negative energies and emotions coming from other people, consciously or subconsciously thinking of me and sending me these.. Chanting to forgive them, to awaken them, to heal them and lastly but not least with gratitude for greater awareness


So if you are under depression or fighting cancer gradually spreading.. Please take time to meditate, chant and break the circle of these negative emotions that have infested you.. Also learn the importance of healthy body, healthy mind and power of exercise.  Learn to raise your energies higher so these emotions are dispelled and find out what are you seeking every day. Learn to forgive self and others and overcome your past otherwise you will keep going in circles and keep attracting painful events and people by living out of pain.. As you truly attract who you are unless u have changed yourself.. You must learn to let go of the past and appreciate whatever happens is for the best, there were lessons and that’s it.. Learn them by chanting and chanting with gratitude deep into the night.. Gratitude is that basic human emotions which is closest to god and no negative emotion can survive within when you resonate to the frequency of this basic human emotion of happiness and joy.. Nam myoho renge kyo means thank you.. by saying so you will learn to appreciate how much resources you have rather than looking all the time on what you don’t have.. its like a person having one leg and one feet saying thank you god as atleast saying that he realizes his opportunity to use them to feed himself and his loved ones.. There is lot of power within you even you are jobless, or without leg or arm, there is so much u can go, start with gratitude… there is power you are running from, channelize it, don’t be that cell that will infest cancer and spread it through smokes, whiskey and information and advice overload one day… Please take care of your life, if you wont, no one will..


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