Freeing ourselves of the stigma of religion forever to realize world peace

We humans are quite funny.. we practice the path of religion to free ourselves of attachments and end up getting attached to the means and mode themselves.. Blinded by attachments- leading to hatred to talk of other- leading to extremism – leading to wars- leading to actually destruction of humanity- of love and defeat of Jesus, of Nanak, of Mohammad, of Buddha and all ascended masters.. and wining of Satan.. Forever..  to We write our destiny every moment with love or hatred, with openness or lack of it.. With extremism or the lack of it.. god gave us choice but even though god wants to save us, he cannot interfere with free will for us to write our own karma (Am i saying right Michael??) We are funny to the point of delusion to the point of ignorance.. to the point of self-destruction not realizing that we create our own karma and our own world and we only and only have the capacity to save it.

This time I feel Donald Trump the great great president of United states has come with a great great vengeance. When I was guided yesterday by a really really gifted angelic practitioner, I was told my third eye is completely open and she won’t be surprised if I am seeing multi-dimensional reality. This is what I am seeing: by the way Donald Trump is spoiling peace relationships and putting again US as a world dictator on the world stage, putting insecurity again in the heart of Muslim world community, and spoiling all peace relationships that Obama took great pains to make worldwide peace relationships. Invoking all climate changes that ensured the earth global warming crises takes place faster or the war happens by whatever condition necessary and humans must be destroyed. There is a deep unsettling feeling among all the healers worldwide about him with is statements on gender inequality. And now invoking all climate change issues. This guy is serious about causing worldwide destruction.

There is only one cure.. A way of thinking that targets this ignorance at its center- with love for humanity above all. The global arena calls for more support to peace based societies like SGI- and more and more people to join in to create a new world order based on respect for one another’s religion, caste and creed and embracing not religion but humanism with its center a deep love for humanity and realizing divinity in all lives alike. Unless we each one independent of our religion and healing modality and uniqueness can come ahead and support it in whatever form and the great effort done by it in connecting hearts across nations, across states, across neighbors, coworkers and even two people living on same bed under same roof and producing massive world change by striking at the root of ignorance- Buddha nature is inside all people, when we change our perspective, reality changes. Unless we really support this great initiative by connecting our organizations, our nations to this unique perspective for promoting world change by change of self and others to mutual peace and coexistence and respecting Buddha nature of each other- the hope for humanity is actually very very thin.

But what has sadly happened is that in our stigma of religion, we have forgotten to go within and where does the problem dwell. The problem dwells in differences, in creating them, without ever understanding how god made us, what is happening why that is happening and what is the way forward. Firstly God gave you the religion as per some past karma- it could be as simple as maybe you judged it, so you got born in it. But it’s very central to realize that all religion in turn lead to one destination. That is actually the destruction of humanity. I am sorry? Did you hear me wrong? Yes you heard me correct- the destruction of humanity. Religion by its very root is a most evil world as it causes differences in humans and their innate potential to accept and appreciate one another. A correct philosophy and not religion should be based on empowering and strengthening this innate potential. Religion forms the heart of ideology of a country, the thinking of its people and cause of their differences with the neighbors and the rest. Actually Religion is the greatest invention of the devil and its his masterstroke for leading all humanity on straight path to hell by self-destruction and we will go there too by karma omission. Sometimes karma is not so much as an act of commission as it is an act of omission. Whereas what SGI is trying is quite different and inventive approach to save humanity. It is saying that Buddhism lies in the fundamental belief in one’s and other’s Buddha nature and invoking them by chanting nam myoho renge kyo for changing our basic mindset of judging and hurting one another. What it is basically saying it is: “look bro, rather than looking at differences with whom you are fighting, why cant you understand he/she is also a person like you and a human being prone to errors and try and understand him and heal yourself and him by chanting this mantra”. There are many techniques of healing, but this is above all as till the time we learn to gain acceptance of our own wrong fundamental mindset and learn to come from a place of love and not of judgment, healing is impossible. This practice changes that mindset by striking at the root of ignorance- “everyone is same material, everyone has Buddha nature, and learn to first change yourself, then you can change your karma”- a need for non judgment and dialogues, of connecting people and not causing differences. In this way it is a not actually a religion but a humanistic philosophy grounded on only love and compassion and is needed for all to embrace to change to current crisis happening worldwide- depression, psychic attacks, wars and destruction. Love is the only way to change our karma and love is connecting people across the worlds by dialogues respecting each other’s fundamental Buddha nature and their potential for Buddhahood, grounded in understanding we all are son of the same God, Buddha, Krishna, Shiva or the super conscious being without any name and beyond all names and forms. Till the time we understand this and accept this philosophy for its current mission and become part of it with our own religion to connect people the correct perspective of thinking and free ourselves of stigmas of religion, we are actually promoting the third world war and destruction by sticking to our differences.

Very interesting what Buddha said on his last day under the Sal tree, He said “there are innumerable practices by which we can gain enlightenment, if one simply teaches faith, one engulfs the benefits of all these practices”. And in this practice we promote pure faith to connect one and all. Above all a faith in humanism. A faith in understanding that Buddha resides in life itself in all living beings alike independent of their caste, creed community and not matter how hatred filled one may be, they still have potential for loving and respecting others if we can learn to love and respect them and chant for their Buddha nature and have dialogues over wars. So Donald trump actually has the potential through which we can unite the whole world community for peace and creating a record to have a US president ousted before his term is over. Is this merely a dream or can it be a reality? Remember when we can change first and learn to accept a philosophy independent of our religion that talks of connecting more people for peace, then anything is possible. But our arrogance sometimes is overbearing, we ignore the karma when it stares at us in the face because clearly we have risen above and beyond religion and these discussions. In short, arrogance or humility will decide the future of humanity. Arrogance to be of a unique religion and community and be more special than the others or humility to understand that your first duty is as a human being who is a part of a common world family and by that duty to support initiatives of peace and change which are the only chance for saving humanity.

Buddha of the Latter day of the law “From both the comparative and absolute viewpoints we should abandon viewpoints, we should abandon all that is bad. To be attached to the perfect teaching is bad, and to be attached to the other teachings is of course even worse”- Gosho “Letter to Renjo”- meaning- leave all attachments and accept all that your heart tells you is right for the moment and necessary course for benefit of self and others and even while embracing it, keep no attachments to it knowing it is a part of the picture but not the whole- an aspect of god- so keep still eating, drinking water, juices, exercising and taking medications if needed, and other healing modalities you do- everything has a purpose.

I strongly feel for the critics of Namo, yes he is a little harsh and fast, he is quite reckless but he has a pure intent, he has proven in the past and all humans are prone to error but at least he worships god day and night, is not open to corruption and is trying his best for us. He is nowhere close to that great personality that has revoked all goodness in America in 100 days that took Obama two terms to build and everyone is fearing where is this heading and where will the world go. What will happen to us- can we change it? Shall we create differences or similarities? The judgment is upon us, can we make it.. Michael??

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Noorinder Singh

I am that I am


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