Powerful Angel Healing techniques for healing Curing Terminal Diseases and Cancer by Angel Therapy- Free Article

Hi Ever since I took my initiation from Mani Healing, I am getting lot of guidance, I am feeling my Aura is now white and blue with a feeling of lightness and calm of mind, plus a feeling of Angels and Guides always around me, whispering and soft hissing noises. I am getting guidance to share a powerful healing technique to heal and protect yourself and your house with help of Angels and Guides.

First thing to understand is that everything has its importance and as long as we understand that, there is no harm doing something that is calling protective powers for help as we are humans and they are more powerful and love helping us if we have the humility to accept our sin, ask forgiveness and ask for help and guidance. They crave to help us, to make us believe or somehow turn to doors of faith of God, any faith that suits us and using which they can say to god, look he came to you, so now I have right to help him/her. Look he asked forgiveness and showed repentance. Now let us help him and they drag with them so many other ascended masters and guides for helping. The point is we must learn to look beyond our arrogance and learn to have faith in god. If arrogance gets too much in the way, best way is to seek forgiveness as forgiveness is the most powerful way to teach your mind humility and learn to accept as you are prone to errors, so are others and hence learn love and non-judgmental nature.  There are many attacks on me not to share the power of forgiveness with you all as many societies believe in having this or that way to pray- stopping all individuality and strategizing the prayer making it mechanical. Please don’t believe them, please learn to repent for whatever you think you did wrong. You can ask anything to god, you should treat him like your best friend and confess for anything you feel you did wrong if that makes your spirit light. God is no ones patent and never shall be.. Pour your heart to him when you pray and repeatedly seek forgiveness for any mistakes you did knowingly and unknowingly. I do this through my Buddhist chanting and you can also do so or simply speak oral prayer to god as written below. Just pour your heart out and believe. Remember praying for something to manifest while filled with guilt of sins is like trying to fill a bucket having hole in the bottom. Lucifer will be all over in your mind and saying “fuck you, its never gonna happen coz you know you do adultery, or because you drink so much etc..,”So first ask forgiveness and purity of spirit and then start asking for more things It makes you humble and open to receiving.

Having said that let me share with you powerful techniques for connecting with angels and protecting yourself and others if you are struggling against some terminal diseases and need healing

  • Wear a pendant- make a very simple pendant of coffee plus vibhuti from any mandir and wear it in your neck. Why coffee- coffee has orange aura and repels negative energy and curses. All curses have effect through demons or chords and they catch hold of neck or send chord to third eye to block it or your throat chakra to block that and make you isolate. Orange color repels all negative energy and entities of any kind. Remember initially Buddha followers use to wear orange.
  • Energize yourself and your house by salt water bath everyday or weekly if necessary. If disease is severe I recommend do it everyday.
  • Wear a protective stone in the little finger- your little finger represents protecting- take a ring of your favorite god- for me hanuman- the rudra avatar roop of shiva and wear it in little finger- right hand. Consult with your astrologer or check on net as per your horoscope- but remember little finger.
  • Now buy some colored candles to protect your house and connect it to angels putting it on continuous charging mode. Take a green candle early morning and after shower anoint it with extra virgin olive oil or Angelica – whichever you can find. Cleanse the candle in salt water. Then anoint it with angelica oil or olive oil with extra virgin. Then take the candle run your finger over it from sides to the center as if charging the candle with your intentions, I say “I am putting my intention to call upon the angel of healing- Angel Raphael to come and heal this house and all its members, to protect me and my family members and heal us and show us the way, to cleanse away all darkness from this house and my family”. Then bring some biscuits and cookies for angels and put them next to candles. Angels like hospitality and friendliness. They hate arrogance or orders or doubts. Then light the candle and say the prayer below out loud with knees bend and hands folded and eyes closed

“In the name of the father God, the child and the holy spirit

I call upon Archangel Raphael, the angel of healing

I call upon you to bestow your blessing on this house and its family members

And In your presence I seek forgiveness for God for my sins committed knowingly and unknowingly.

Please protect us from all that is evil and remove any unneeded energies from this house and its family members, please protect and guide is in future and look over this house and keep it connected to God.

We all seek forgiveness with all humility for all that we did wrong intentionally of unintentionally and ask that we be forgiven and God bestows his grace upon us all and looks after us as his child.

Please heal “…… name of sick person” so that he can get healthy again and carry on his daily activities as a devotional service to god free of all greed with an intention to help others. If he has caused other people to suffer out of his greed than we ask forgiveness on his behalf so that you can heal him and connect him back to path of goodness and light.

We have some cookies and biscuits for you as an offering, please have some as we will not be counting them again and bless them with your healing powers. Please feel free to roam the house and bestow your blessings in its different rooms. Through this candle, let this house be immersed in your green light of healing and be healed along with all members residing in this house.

Thank you, thank you, thank you”

Any sin you have committed that you particularly feel heavy about: please include in prayer- praying to god and asking assistance from his angels.

  • Now take four green to eight green bottles or how many ever you like – 11 is favorite of angels. Repeating numbers represent angels. So now put left over wax from the burned candle along with some salt and water in these bottles and put them at different locations in the house. You can do the same prayer as above weekly for Archangel Michael (white or red preferably- color for candles for Michael) alternately on weekly basis and keep putting wax in these bottles. This will lift energies of the house and lift away especially any dark or heavy energies clouding the house. This will do the same work as vastu for the house because you must realize you and the places you visit are interconnected and if energy of one is down, energy of all will be affected.
  • Last step – the person suffering from terminal disease is recommended to pray daily morning and evening to Angel Raphael and for faster recovery sit in some gurudwara for 30 days continuously for one hour each day (the break should not be there for energies again become stagnant- its like missing the medicine). Alongside I would really recommend the chant of Nam myoho renge kyo of Buddhism as this chant takes that frequency as per what you wish to manifest and this is the greatest chant and fundamental law to which all Buddha, all angels, all protectors bow to manifest their buddhanature. Its like an axis around which we all are revolving. Please do this chant morning and evening – how to chant it- learn at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EL3fRLx4pHw

One can chant for anything they like- I like to chant to attune to angels and got attuned to them, this is the basic law by which the whole cosmos is interconnected and all life is actually one. But one must first chant to activate their own fundamental highest self – Buddha nature and to heal themselves. Just visualize that your fundamental highest self is coming and you are getting healed as you chant. If trouble visualizing as energies are low, write on piece of paper and read out loud and start chanting.

  • Apart from the above, its preferable to put swastika or OM symbol on different doors of the house. Its also recommended to daily take salt and coffee bath one spoon each in water bucket. Playing gayatri mantra morning and evening in the house. And remember daily for 30 to 40 days sitting in gurudwara for one hour each day. I am saying gurudwara as I am a psychic and can feel the purest form of energies of white light surrounding the entire space when I visit there. Remember god has no religion and actually even we don’t as his children. These are just man made hotch potch and bullshit.

Please for guidance and advice anytime please write to me at thehealersworld279@gmail.com or call me at 8879762571.

Look forward to you becoming a healer and healing yourself and others. To learn to attune to angel energies- please see by healing links at


Please checkout different links and link 19 to attune to angelic frequency first. You can do the following exercise before beginning the above process

Sit in a corner and a clean space, Light a candle, if it can be anointed by olive oil with extra virgin its better. Then light it and close your eyes and say repeatedly

“At this time, I ask to be surrounded with Divine Light,

with the infinite power of love..

I now call upon my team of guides,

and angels to please step forward and directly connect with me now”


Breathe and focus as you experience Divine light pouring in all around you

focus your awareness on your heart to open as you tune into an incredible light glowing there

Good luck all the best, please do write to me, I love guiding and helping people and making friends.

Love and Best wishes,

May the Angels always surround you…


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