Lets fight terrorism but lets understand first why Am I a terrorist???

This article is dedicated to our PM Modi ji’s great heroic efforts to win over world terrorism and I really applaud all his efforts but with a healthy freedom of speech I would like to add a point or two as to why he is not really getting the support he was looking for. Secondly I would also like to discuss the philosophical part of terrorism/evil we see in this world and where it springs from and what as per me as the best way to fight it.

Let me start simply by quoting a scene from a Hollywood movie I saw – I don’t remember its name. Anyways the first scene of that movie shows that there is a spaceship of US comes across a giant planet.. that planet is expanding and taking everything into it.. The more the spaceship hits it with bullets the faster it expands. The general on the ship asks for permission to use the nuke. There is a priest sitting at backend in the Whitehouse with president. He says to the president not to give permission to use nuke as that will actually give the planet more power, the more hatred we give, the more it expands and become bigger. He advices – We should get out of there. They don’t listen. The president gives permission to use the nuke. The scene ends in the ship using the nuke and the planet increases its size at exponential pace and engulfs everything around including the ship killing everyone, destroying all. Hatred expands exponentially by name gaming and blame playing.

Lets go to the last scene of the movie- Wonder woman, I wish our prime minister watches this movie, I mean common she is really attractive! Just kidding, good humor!! But seriously watch that movie please if you wanna have world peace. The last dialogue is “We are all to blame, and we can only fight him together through love, its not what they deserve, its what we believe”.. Who is him- Aries – god of war or Lucifer, one and the same, two name to the same mythological being. Is he really mythological?

Why did terrorism happen? Who are these terrorist? What did they become one? I am not ever saying it is justified- mind you!!! All I am saying is lets dig in deeper for jesus Christ, for God’s sake, Let is not be like kids war mongering against terrorist, why do they exist? What do they want? Ok, here is what I feel- the latest attack on some muslim lynching on 28th June was a hindu terrorist act. Go sit with him like a friend, don’t judge him and get the facts right. He was probably promised good wage to work for hindu terrorist party coz he may not have any other source of livelihood. Or probably he was frustrated like the rest and two frustrated groups fought with a scarcity mindset. Important question to ask is- why are they fighting? What is scarcity mindset? What is extremism mindset? How can I eliminate this? How can ensure all children are happily working and not fighting one another? How can I ensure resources for all? And that too equal distribution.

Our societies are of the rich and powerful with inequality pervasive. We deprive major chunk of people of amenities and give them to few and wonder where does terrorism come from. What is evil, dictionary definition- knowing better and doing worse. A nation loots another nation and steals its oil for a decade and leave them looted and deprived and as the citizens of those community lack the basic warfare and strength to fight headon, what do you think they will do?? Why did those bus drivers and couple of guys rape that girl and beat up that boy back in Delhi so many years back- Delhi gang rape. Why were they so frustrated- why did not they have their own girlfriends to fuck hard and sleep at night- even 5 more babes satisfied imagine?? I talk rubbish? Ha ha..

Terrorism happens because some segment of the society feels they are treated unfairly and probably they have been- and they are hurt and in pain and we increase that hurt and pain by giving more pain than a medicine or search for ways to equality- equal distribution of resources around the world. So the parts of the world more mature which knows this feels suddenly confused at this baby behavior of suddenly trying to eliminate evil because maybe they understand.. All evil lies within.. as we jump to conclusions so fast. As we rapidly takes sides and move world to another maybe war. Failing diplomacy.. as we increase friendliness with one group of people naturally the other start dreading the worst.. and they start rallying together..

Ok my question- did you ever wonder why god gave so much oil to Qatar and so little to other nations with their scarcity mindset that they have to plunder from other to survive?? Think about it. I don’t say anyone is good or evil. I do believe humanity has that strength to survive basic methods of division and checks of the devil and find it within themselves to solve it diplomatically rather than playing blame games and getting to another war or warlike situation- which we closely avoided at home due to our tendency to not understand differences and jump to conclusions. Why did Ajmal Kasab become a terrorist- because he was given good money and income in a country where there were no jobs with promise that his family will be looked after..

Buddhism says in one of the goshos “All evil is rooted in this mind, nothing exists beyond this mind of mine”.. That person is evil because that belief in their evil comes from within me. Maybe I can learn to change myself and learn to bend that spoon inside rather than outside. Earlier I use to pray when demons and Lucifer use to haunt me- let them be sent to the pit of hell. Now I believe, I think if he is there and god is all encompassing means god could destroy him. Shambhoo or Michael sent him out of hell, he could have finished him too. Why didn’t he? Is he dumb? So there is a reason for his existence and if god believes in him, who am I to deny it.. So now I pray for their Buddha nature and their peace.. that they must be forgiven and should be able to say the name of god or the law as they do not have permission too. They are suffering endlessly and my job is not to judge or hate them, by that they get power over me. My job is to believe in them and pray for their forgiveness- that’s how I realize god and god’s compassion within me. Shambhoo’s compassion. That’s how love can only and only love can win otherwise everyone has nukes and he is trying his best this time. Probably this time there will be less survivors so resources are abundant for everyone on earth for golden age to progress.. For mankind to learn its lessons that this should never repeat.. Or maybe mankind will learn it before its too late.. But I do suggest, please watch that movie wonderwoman- she is smoking hot.. and there is so much you need to learn.. the reason why I have changed by last prayer of Buddhism from “Happiness of all living beings ” to “Happiness for all beings of God/Buddha/Universe/Ram/Allah” as the ones stand in my way are not my enemies but my best friends who teach me Gods’s compassion.. Love and its power.. unless no one thanks them and prays for them how will be progress and they are the most stuck, I must push my vehicle where its most stuck. Wonder woman homework for everyone. Smoking hot!!!




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